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Your Trust is our Motive

About sammartex

Sammartex Inspection Services is a quality control service provider in Asia, founded in Pakistan on a unique concept To provide clients with a cost-effective, rapid-response service, anywhere in Pakistan, anytime. Over a decade later, satisfied clients from more than 10 countries worldwide continue to drive Sammartex Inspection Services growth as the market leader in quality control, managed online.

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Sammartex Inspection Service

This is achieved through the concentrated teamwork of competent personnel by adopting best industry practices and taking professional judgment. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with clients, employees, Factories, and stakeholders

Any one with a need to ensure suppliers and product quality in Pakistan from small supplier to multi-national retailers. Sammartex serves clients from all industries in consumer goods (other than food), with specialized teams defining the right inspection protocols for your product.

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Inspection & Audit Services

Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection is systematic observation
of fabrics to decide whether it meets: Client’s specification

Initial Production

An Initial Production Check is an on-site
Product Inspection performed before your production.

Production Monitoring

For challenging or sensitive orders, have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time

During Production

A During Production Check is an on-site Product Inspection performed when 20-80% of your production is completed and packed

Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a systematic inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted

Container Loading Inspection

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process. Ensure the final details of your product are correct

Remote Sample Approval

Ensure your products comply with safety and
regulatory requirements in your destination market.

Factory Aaudits

Factory audits are audits that are specially
designed to check the processes and procedures in place

Supplier Verification Audit

Supplier Verification audit is a specially
designed audit that checks your potential suppliers against

Social Audit

A social audit is a certain type of certification
audit that check your vendors for any unethical activities

Inspection Services
Fabric Inspection


Initial Production Check

Avoid quality-related surprises during or after production. At the time of the IPC

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring puts an inspector onsite during the production cycle, representing your interests, to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules are at the level you and your manufacturer initially agreed upon.


When around 20% of production is complete, take a deep dive into your production, processes, capacity, and goods and then make critical decisions at an early stage, and avoid potentially catastrophic surprises later in the production cycle.

Remote Sample Approval

Review and approve your pre-production samples using video technology to connect with a SAMMARTEX inspector who will be onsite at your factory.

Container Loading Check (CLC)

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process. Ensure the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered


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